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Dutchess County Volunteer Firemen's Association

The DCVFA is seeking help from property managers or landowners here in Dutchess County. The need the association has is for the property managers or landowners to have our clothing bins placed on their property. In Dutchess county you will see many bins of different color's and size throughout the county but who does those bins represent. I can tell you that the green colored ones represent the Dutchess County Volunteer Firemen's Association.  The DCVFA does may a great thing here in Dutchess county and those bins bring resources to our organization.  In order to make the pain less for all we are asking property managers as well as landowners to help place these bins. Spring is coming soon and that is the time of year when people do their cleaning. People here in Dutchess County need a place to put their used clothing. Wouldn't it be environmental correct for all this used clothing to be put in a recyclable bin instead of our landfill. So what the DCVFA is seeking is for the business community to help this great association as well as the environment by taking one or more of our bins. These bins are fully insured for any damage that may happen or any injures that may occur. If interested in helping please    e-mail me cpcman79@aol.com. Or call 845-227-7733. 


Vincent Galvin


Dutchess County Volunteer Firemen's Association.


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